What's included in Healing Your Maiden Journey

  • Two Shamanic Journeys, two meditations, two embodiment practices, nervous system regulation & voice activation all pre-recorded and downloadable
  • Three live womb circles that will be recorded if you cannot make it live
  • Forever access to all content
  • Online sisterhood, support & musings in private facebook group
  • BONUS! - Free Access to recordings of Yoni-Womb Sadhana - five one-hour classes of feminine embodiment practices

How this one-moon journey will look like...

April 30th - New Moon - Meeting your inner Maiden

Live Womb Circle with opening ritual, teachings about the Maiden Archetype and sharing circle

  • Shamanic Journey with your Inner Maiden
  • Meditation to heal your Maiden wounds
  • Embodiment practice connecting to your Maiden
  • Nervous System regulation practice


May 16th - Full Moon - Stepping into the Inner Mother

Live Womb circle with opening ritual, teachings about the Mother Archetype and sharing circle

  • Shamanic Journey meeting your Inner Mother
  • Meditation to embody the Mother
  • Embodiment practice connecting to the Mother
  • Voice activation

May 30th - New Moon - Closing ceremony

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From the depth of my heart, what Jenny teaches speaks directly to my Womb and Heart, it’s an energetic language that goes into myself and says that I am safe here. When I am safe I can open up , when I open up I can heal and be me, and come to recognise my true self. I can so warmly recommend Jenny’s teaching.

- Miri Hidalgo, retreat participant